PBL Handbook for Elementary School

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Published in May 2021. Building on the success of the PBL Toolkit Series (2009-2017), the new pair of PBL Handbooks are here to support elementary school teachers and middle & high school teachers in your PBL practice. See the middle & high school version.

Are you an elementary school teacher excited about Project Based Learning? Whether you are new to Project Based Learning (PBL) or want to deepen your practice and learn some new tips, we’re here for you.

Young people today need to learn and make sense of the world in new ways, which is why PBL is an important and growing teaching method.

Our guidance is based on the PBLWorks model for Gold Standard PBL, including the Essential Project Design Elements and Project Based Teaching Practices.

In the Project Based Learning Handbooks, written by PBL experts and classroom teachers, you’ll learn how to design high-quality projects and implement them effectively. 

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Format: Paperback
Publication Date: May 2021